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Tracey Rapisardi

Tracey Rapisardi is an Interior Designer with more than 30 years experience in interiors, architectural design, styling, fabric / accessories design and furniture design. She is a nationally and internationally featured Interior Designer who has been published in over 75 publications including magazines and books. Her unique style is coveted by thousands of homeowners. Tracey's creative and custom esthetic is a big part of her signature look. Her talents and style have guided and influenced the industry through out the years. She has designed, remodeled, and built homes, from the ground up, stretching from Maine to Florida.

Tracey is involved in every aspect of home design - from the floor plan to custom finishes to artwork. Tracey’s passion for all things coastal began with her upbringing along the coast.  Though, each of her projects is tailored to her client and its unique coastal location, her soft, fresh style and tasteful use of color and pattern reveal her signature look of a life well lived in a home well loved by the sea.

Tracey expanded to Sarasota, Florida seeking warmer climates and brighter skies. Now, Tracey’s reach is greater than ever as she continues to work up and down the East Coast. With a devoted fan base that includes homeowners, the magazine industry, and online design sites, Tracey’s look is beloved by homeowners, followers, and beach combers across the country. 

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